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Welcome. Community Care has provided one-to-one aides for special needs children and youth in the Seattle area since 1997. We provide high-quality, consistent, and well-trained staff to address challenging behaviors and restore stability in the home or school environment, allowing the child to remain home and in their community.

When I am in my community, I am fundamentally welcomed, accepted, held, and remembered"

Behavior Specialists

For children with behavioral challenges due to mental health or developmental disabilities, we specialize in on-site behavior specialists who work one-on-one in special education classrooms or in the home. School districts hire us for the school year to work with a student, and mental health agencies or families hire us for an afternoon or evening per week to provide respite or tutor children with behavioral challenges.
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Special Needs Camp

We have an engaging and safe recreational facility in West Seattle to provide a therapeutic day camp during spring, summer and winter breaks for children needing specialized care due to behavioral difficulties. Our camp has a unique structure and organization so that challenged children enjoy school breaks at a place that gives parents peace of mind.
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We Are:

  • Reliable
  • Responsible
  • Well-Trained
  • Flexible